Developer of Great People

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift.  The meaning of life is to give it away.” David Viscott


Through business and leadership coaching, I can help you reinvent who you are, what you do, what you stand for, where you’re heading and what you have to offer.


Emotional intelligence is about making choices based on recognising our own emotions and those of others.


For most of us, 2020 has radically changed our lives. We have had to endure and show up in all sorts of different ways.


The sense of gratitude I feel for the opportunities life has given me – and my passion for sharing them in ways that can help others – have inspired me to create short motivational presentations and talks.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to

I firmly believe that – and I’m fortunate enough to see the evidence every day.

As a business coach, facilitator, speaker and writer,

 my role is to help you tap into your inner potential. When you unleash your greatness, you can shatter self-imposed limits. You can rise up and achieve your goals.

Along the way, you can transform your life into something unrecognisable from your current existence. We can all think of people who have achieved remarkable things – what fewer people realise is that every single one of us can achieve greatness in our own way.

I’m immensely privileged that my work involves helping people – ordinary people like you or me – become extraordinary. I’m glad you’ve found my website, and I look forward to helping you remember today as the first day not of the rest of your life but of a deeper, richer life – the life you were meant to lead.

I believe that it is my purpose to be a developer of great people. I’ve acquired the tools and understanding to help you be your authentic self and take steps towards realising your dreams.


Let me help you find your greatness. Are you ready to:


Set yourself free


Unleash your passion


Fulfil your potential


Then let’s begin!


 “I feel personally more aware than ever before. New personal values are unfolding –attentiveness, honouring myself and others, gratitude, forgiveness, open-mindedness, trust, compassion, respect, healthy living, generosity, honest and spiritual practice. I intend living by these and sharing them within my work and relationships.”

Tim Modise

“I feel a shift in how I see things now. I was powerless before, now it is possible to achieve anything I set my mind to achieve. It has come to my realisation that the reason things were not happening was because “I” was in the way of me. I now get out of my way!”

Davis Motlhako.

“The Genius Programme has enabled me to share things I would not have normally shared. It has also changed the light bulb which was on inside my head, to a huge glow in terms of what is possible if we just change our thinking slightly. Freedom without fear is the key and I intend to try and live by this. Thank you, Graeme!”  

Paul Williams.

“The entire EI offering was a memorable experience for me. It felt like a make-over to me and afforded me to experience the root, essence and meaning afresh. Deliberation, the coaching, video clips and team discussions were well balanced. As many of these concepts and EI traits are not tangible of nature, the tools offered gave it practical purpose and value. Although we handled the COVID period extremely well, I feel more geared and equipped for uncertainty and any eventuality. I am more aware, learnt to reflect regularly, EI essence lies in understanding and lots of practice and what I will take with me personally is to be mindful in all I do and ‘to show up’

EI delegate 2020

“I have enjoyed the EI journey tremendously and have gained such a lot of insight into some of my (by now old) issues. I want to personally thank you for a well-designed and provocative programme and your style of facilitation. It’s been an honour to work with you and I for one will continue my personal EI journey because of my exposure to your programme.”

EI delegate 2020

“In general, I am amazed by what you have achieved with the team and other people working with me that are part of the EI journey. It is clear that there is a more powerful awareness of EI and much more compassion and understanding amongst colleagues. For me the great value of the EI Toolkit has to be emphasised as a lifestyle change and that is a very important step towards the change needed in the organisational culture in order for organisations to fully embrace that which is my true passion, entrepreneurship and innovation.” 

EI delegate 2020

I met Graeme Butchart when we were both taking our first coaching course. When I needed a coach, despite knowing many, he is the one I went to. He is a great coach; professional, empathetic and accessible. Often coaches have the misguided belief that they need to appear perfect; Graeme on the other hand, easily shares himself in order to support your growth.

I have made use of Graeme services personally, as my coach, and have also contracted him for my organisation and he never disappoints.

Kagiso Msimango
Founder of The Goddess Academy

Hi Graeme

I found your coaching particularly exciting. The experience has moved me, effortlessly, to a highly productive routine, where time is allocated to specific tasks, properly, giving my full attention to them individually, and seeing them through to completion.

I am seeing projects that had previously stalled, being reignited. I am encouraged by even the smallest of things being finished. Getting them done. Moving on to the next. These are my WOW moments.

Time management, has become my friend.

Fundamental beliefs, I am able to rearrange into positive thinking, through mantras, which bring me a wonderful new serenity.

The meditation, I didn’t know. It was in me all the time. The whole world should do it.

Without over emphasizing it, thank you.

Robby Bardsley
Business Owner – Entrepreneur


That was the most unique and inspiring talk I have heard on innovation.

Derek Hanekom

Your innovation and entrepreneurship model is amazing and practical. Yes, we believe that you can add value to most companies including the DBSA.

Dr Snowy Khoza
Group Executive Development Bank South Africa