In 2013 I published ‘The Genius Programme’ – a guide to moving from habit thinking to genius living.

I wrote it as a practical workbook to help people shift their habitual thinking. It’s effectively a toolkit for gaining insights into thoughts and actions and the life that they can help you create.

The Genius Programme is a guidebook to overcoming problems through creativity, with practical activities designed to give greater meaning to the actions we take in building our lives and designing our futures.

The Genius Programme is the antidote to the system of linear thinking that is drilled into us during our school years. Linear thinking  is contrary to the natural way the human brain is designed – which is organic, spontaneous and random.

Everyone is born with intuitive creative genius and The Genius Programme shows how it can be accessed or recovered.

Benefits of reading The Genius Programme

  • Reinvent yourself, your business and your life.
  • Develop greater awareness of the thinking that is influencing your life.
  • Embark on a period of personal innovation.
  • Recover your creative genius.
  • Free your instinctive intuition.
  • Open your infinite potential.
  • Reach and sustain higher levels of consciousness.

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