The services that I offer as a developer of great people instinctively recognise that every person is different, with different hopes, fears and needs. The solutions that offer are flexible and completely adaptable, and I always begin making a thorough assessment of where you’re at, and where you want to get to.

From one-on-one and group engagement through coaching to talks and emotional intelligence work, I help people find ways to free their thinking.

I don’t follow a set pattern. Instead, I choose the tools and mtheodology that I believe will work best in any given situation. Having worked with thousands of different people, I’ve learned how to select the most suitable approach each time.  

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Through business and leadership coaching, I can help you reinvent who you are, what you do, what you stand for, where you’re heading and what you have to offer.

We begin by working towards a higher level of consciousness – this is essential if you want to align your actions with your goals. We all choose our own realities, but through coaching, you can make this reality one that you actually want.

My approach to coaching is based on being open to three simple understandings:

  • Clarity – knowing what you want
  • Commitment – knowing how badly you want it
  • Completion – being true to your word

This is the formula to coaching success. When it is followed, miracles happen.

If you still need convincing, I can provide amazing true-life stories of change that will inspire you.


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Emotional intelligence is about making choices based on recognising our own emotions and those of others.

Enhanced emotional intelligence makes success in life more likely, as it improves our ability to empathise and collaborate. It is essential to forming and nurturing relationships (both professional and personal).

‘Thriving with EI’

My customised emotional intelligence programme covers key aspects of emotional intelligence, including:

  • Awareness,
  • Motivation,
  • Empathy,
  • Regulation and
  • Social skills.

You’ll learn how your brain and emotions work together through insights into neuroscience and acquire simple and practical tools that will help you make the most of change and innovation opportunities.

The result? Happier people, happier families, happier organisations and happier communities.

* If you’re interested in an organisational case study, contact me.


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For most of us, 2020 has radically changed our lives. We have had to endure and show up in all sorts of different ways. Those of us fortunate to continue with work, have had to adjust to many new ways of working, including working from home, often in conjunction with digital transformation work methodologies, which require new mental shifts as well. 

Along the way, many of us have increased hours spent in front of screens, as a strategy to address the ever-increasing demand of our service. Often, fearful that not to do so would threaten our position. This is not sustainable, burnout is inevitable. 

So, it’s hardly surprising then, that as the new normal has continued unabated, our levels of fatigue have increased proportionally. If left unchecked, our natural ability to bounce back becomes exhausted and we simply want to give in and give up. 

Understanding that fatigue can be combated with the correct approach to building resilience is key. Knowing how to build greater and lasting resilience comes when we appreciate and support the development of the ‘Whole Self’.

“Bounce with Resilience” is the programme designed to help you and your team create a meaningful and sustainable action strategy that will strengthen your resilience at work and home. 

Designed as Three Master Classes (90 minutes each) of discovery, learning and embedding, this programme will help you: 

  1. To understand why and what is happening when our resilience takes a holiday and our lives become chaos. The science – a look at the facts.
  2. To know with certainty what has to happen next – for us to reset and restore resilience.
  3. To know how to embed learnings and discoveries to make them sustainable and easy to call upon

Whole Self model

The Bounce programme addresses all areas that are required for resilience to be restored and maintained sustainably. Some areas may be well attended to, others less so. What is critical is the balance across all aspects of our whole self. 

For further information and costs please contact: 

And bounce back like a champion!


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The sense of gratitude I feel for the opportunities life has given me – and my passion for sharing them in ways that can help others – have inspired me to create short motivational presentations and talks.

These talks cover my training and coaching work. They have proved to be powerful ways to motivate groups and ignite belief and imagination.

What my talks can do for you

  • Help you realise your full potential
  • Encourage you to think more creatively
  • Make you more open to possibility
  • Inspire you to gain wisdom through listening
  • Show you how to innovate through shifts in thinking
  • Help you rediscover creativity and apply it to your business
  • Motivate you to lead consciously and go beyond myself.

I can also create and deliver customised talks combining your needs and my passions.


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